måndag, september 03, 2012

I might be wrong but...

I've recently started to map up what I've seen in the last two years as a limbo of technology. Not in general stupid, mobile and software based technology.

You know, five years ago the world entered into mobility for real by Jobs launching the iPhone, that was remarkable and as yet to be seen; impossible to repeat. So we now live with mobile devices that all look the same, carry eithe one or two or the bad third kind of OS but all got apps, more or less (sorry Lina, you won't get a smartphone until you are 12) so the world fragmented and then kind of joined up in one kind of playground again.
Which is kind of what ecosystems do.
I could go on and on about the similarities between the ecosystems and how they work and how we as so-called humans work. Anyway.
The thing is that stuff that we just need to work in our life, the pyramid you know, Ma Ma Maslow's; works on the stuff that is constantly getting huge amounts of useless venture capital thrown at it. Software back in the days, my teens; the golden 80-ies, then we rapidly woke up mid 90-ies with the Web, that is as dead as a Dodo today; it's now all in the protocols.
Shazaam enter the 00-ies with add-ons for the Web similar to aids for the elderly; like e-commerce platforms, CMS and ERPs that sooner or later will die like a fly. Some still hang on but they are hung out to dry. Btw don't let me guide you on stock promises, I suck at stock exchange analytics as there are still millions of idiots out there and they can't be analyzed. I think.

Ok The decade of 2010 came with promises of mobility for everything but we are still struggling, hell even Facebook are hanging like a dry duck because of the lack of mobile smartness (pssst, I know how to fix it but I don't know if I want to...)  and we see even pretty smart people struggling with how they can transform their rigid backbones to something that could be embracing mobiles at least to a point of 10% and that would be counted in as a success; hey they don't know what they are doing and that's fine, it keeps the economy going even if it could be something much better.

I'm talking about all the companies that just got supergazillions of financing to extend, sell and stupify the audience with their databases, analytics tools, big data stuff, semantic search, image/face/social/graph recognition platforms/systems/tech; well they are all in for the bleedin' kill. That was yesterday when stupid managers were looking for stuff to fix their stupid systems for stupid ecommerce/communications, now anyone can do it with free tools. So all proprietary sales is going ape; let me say this once again:

Single, walled garden, freemium licenced still standard server based shit is dead.

Go find yourselves a new tech, life, economy and future; the current one is killed. This is a list that I will update as soon as I can of dead stuff:

Oracle, Sun, WMware, HP, Apple, Blackberry, MySql, Neo Technology, everything CMS, semantic web and search, face and finger recognition, search optimization and meta currency.


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