fredag, oktober 11, 2013

Ulocs now - Qubulus then

For those of you that remembers, I started Qubulus in 2010 based on a project I ran at MHBC, the art of indoor positioning based on multiple radio networks. When I left Qubulus at the end of 2011 it was with a vision to scientifically solve personal positioning, for good. Without radio networks.

Why without radio?
Everyone uses radio to position individuals today. Network operators (best ~50 meters in urban areas), other radio technologies as WiFi, Bluetooth, sound (3-10 meters) based on what is in a Smartphone today. The rest I will ignore for now.
The accuracy/penetration was very good, in favor of Qubulus as we developed a new tech platform that was way more accurate with less than 2 meters in bad places. The problem was that it was still depending on the radio access points being on the same spot all the time and that in many places there are no radio available at all. Then the impractical need to record every floor with equipment etc etc.

I had come to the conclusion that sensors (accelerometers, gyrometers, pressure, magnetism etc) similar to the ones used on Smartphones is the way to go  You can read more about what we do at Ulocs on this.

Now here is a video showing the comparison of Ulocs and Qubulus platforms at the same location, same settings and it will be obvious that we have killed radio as a method of indoor positioning when it comes to applications that needs "always on" as a prerequisite.

With this simple demo of a Ulocs device showing that Ulocs sensor driven tech is extremely accurate and radio independent, we want to pinpoint the use cases of this device and the core tech in it:

1. Accurate body movement tracing to enable gaming environments with or without avatars, analytics of the movements, coaching feedback of performance etc. To be incorporated in shoes, gloves, jackets, trousers, head gears, helmets and more.

2. Accurate positioning of the wearer in X-Y-Z that enables data transfer of the position to   other devices and external systems. Great support for workforce in high risk environments: guards, hospital staff, security workers, transportation, police, fire fighters and more.

3. Accurate body analytics based on Ulocs Styles to define how well or not well a wearer of a device carries out their daily life. Can easily detect fatigue, illness, heart function and other diagnostic behavior recognized in movement pattern changes. Great support for remote/home monitoring of patients, hotel & resort guests and more.

If you have more ideas on how to use our technology then don't hesitate to contact us!

söndag, oktober 06, 2013

Roximity prank demo

Indoor positioning is a funny funny game.
Sometimes it is sooo funny because there are schmucks out there doing these demo videos:
 WTF?? Awesome is a word I would hesitate to use after this...

lördag, oktober 05, 2013

Being right and being sooo wrong

This is a story.
You know, a story about something that matters.

Then, Back in school I just loved maths. Maybe I was what we today call a geek, I don't know. I still was on the soccer team. A prospect for the A-team at the golf club. Played some tennis. Yeah. I was a dork. Not a geek.

Then, in 1980 they bought a couple of ABC80 computers to the school. Only the uncool kids were signed up for "science class". To my surprise I was picked for this "counteradventure".
Because I was good at math.

I still, +30 years later, can do some maths baby!
Like when I in -03 calculated in less than 60 seconds that my client was going bancrupt in 30 days. Like when I saw a devastating loss of 1.2 M$ for the working year in -06 at a client then reversing it to a small but positive profit in less than 6 months. Or when I actually figured out a way to reverse time in a time machine when I was 11.

I kid you. About the time machine. It didn't work.

Still  math is a killer.

 Then, +12 startups later, I feel that what we see in innovation is still within math. Now jump-

We have been working on the idea that we could interpret movement patterns into behavior into feelings. You know, feelings.

We succeeded. We got Ulocs Styles.
Then a special partner asked us, "if you know this, don't you know the position?"
We were confident, but not sure.

Then four months ago we went into the venture of understanding Individual Movement so we could translate it into Individual Positioning. Easy.


But a funny challenge,

And on we moved. Now we are here. We are here. WE ARE HERE! WE ARE  HERE!!! and we are goofs. weird. funny and strange.

But we did it. And we are proud. Still it is a silly plot print...