lördag, november 22, 2014

Blowing up Aereo

Hot balloons, Aereo filed for bancruptcy.

Qoute from the article "Aereo had raised a total of $97 million, from investors that included IAC, Highland Capital Partners, FirstMark Capital, First Round Capital and High Line Venture Partners. Once again, it proves that raising a lot of money does not guarantee any kind of success." and no it doesn't but even more so; flagrantly breaking the law is even more damaging.

Why they thought it was possible to pick up licensed material over air and resend it without breaking the law, I don't understand. Even more when looking at the injustice of Pirate Bay founders in the most criminal of courts ever performed over copyright law.

So what Uber is now caught doing with privacy by using user data for their own purpose is like a fart compared to the tornado of Aereo. But I think Uber is going to be punished for their behavior, maybe not from a court of justice but from the people that will stop using Uber, or never will start.

Maybe I'm wrong but I believe privacy is more important to protect than copyright. Even if the legal system doesn't.

onsdag, november 19, 2014

oh Yay, oh yay, see the fully integrated sensoric OS is coming


Our existing OS's isn't good enough? What are you sayin'''`?

We are in a socalled Turning Point. Or I'd say a Turing Point. Just because the blockbuster Imitation Game with the illusive Cumberbatch is soon to enter the screens. Or not.

It's both turning and Turing.

 After a couple of years, or maybe more than 28, working with sensor based input systems to improve quality of Processes, I'd say it's both a turning point as we are entering the IoTT, Internet of Things Time. And it is also about Turing. He, the One big code cracker genius. He the thinker. The cracker. We as he needs to crack the code to what it means to get data out of a confusing, mostly encrypted, world of data.

So I launch the stupid idea of a new need. We need a new OS focused on sensoric networks and less on screens, battery and lousy haptic response to user needs. So let us all drop the OS's of the 90's we still live with (yes we do, research the subject of the origin of Android, Java and all the stupidity versions from Apple) and let us rejoice and chant for a new intelligent OS that can embrace human interaction. For real and not as an add-on. Now.


onsdag, november 12, 2014

Sacrifice Your King

This is purely a response to Chandler, any other purpose is hidden; even to me.

I agree on all terms. There is, was always, a kind of problem (in economical science we would call it anything from a success to disaster, has nothing to do with processes used or used ot be used etc, let's dive into that pit another day)  and the problem is Mind.

Get to the state of your Mind.
What is in Your Mind?
Right now?
15 seconds ago?
14 years ago?

You don't know.

So you respond with safety mechanisms.
In a critical moment you rely on old patterns inprinted into your brain many years ago.

The State of Mind.
What a nice  sentence, this is about You so do not feel comfortable. This is the question of Mind.

A Mind is an everchanging atomsphere of the essence of You.
That means that what you believe you think have no fucking connection to Who You Are.
Except in crisis.

Because in crisis we return to our self, The Self that is most dominatingly defined from year 0-6 and then either adjusted or disturbed to the age of 18. I'll give you a lecture on this another day since I have worked, analyzed and researched the field since 1987. So back of.

The Mind is a time and place projection of Your Self.

Let's move on.

In the meeting between People (what the hell is a definition of People?? Sorry..) in a process to define, design and construct a new product I think ( yes there are  more than me... be safe) that the Self is a driver and the Common Good is just something you/we could consider if we are in a situation when we are Safe ( big definition area...) then we can put resources onto someone else. sO Self is a tough individual one.

Going into a process of building something new that is a) cutting edge b) amazing c) disrupting or d) beyond grasp then we could put the people involved into many types of definitions.

The only ones I'd be looking for are Heroes. Doesn't have to be Marvel-size ones. Normal but abnormal people able to do the extra thing. One to a million times. So that boils down to the team assembly persons job.

So getting something amazing on to the market is actually about hiring the right team.

I'd go with the craziest people I could find.
But that's just me.

 And on the question why big company teams fail?

I don't give a shit.