måndag, december 31, 2012

Constant change and New Years Eve

There is something funny but a bit sad with celebrating a New Year. Funny that we hold on to a cyclic calendar and try to maintain some illusion of stability by having the traditions we have. Any Sci-fi fan could see that we get rid of the calendar months and year and just keep a straight number of the day instead so that we can start using the days as a limited resource instead of thinking that the day we just spent on meaningless things will come back next year, it won't. That is just an illusion we create to grasp our losses.

That is the sad part.

This of course goes hand in hand with the mental instability of religiousness; mind you that I'm not opposing or banning any religious act, I'm just saying that it's a tiny deranged illusion of something else to hold on to when you can't handle the truth yourself.
Mentally ill people have a tendency to throw themselves into religious depths as a way to handle their thoughts and deviated minds. They find the insane stories we have built into religions very familiar but often frightening as they turn to something that can't be seen as their best way to recover. Instead of trusting the doctors and medication which would normally be the best way to actually treat the illness.

Constant change.

One of the toughest things to deal with is constant change. But change is unavoidable as the minutes tick tock  on through eternity. Everything changes always and forever and not being able to handle that can throw deep shadows into your mind and create abnormal creatures as religions, holidays and New Years. There is no NEW Year. It's just another row of days in front of us. For me personally I started a new journey in my life 552 days ago. First I didn't realize it but that day was very important for me. Not the month or that year it happened. It was that day.

The road forward from that day hasn't been easy as it's put a test to my mind and body but I haven't doubted that there was a substantial need for change plus that the results have been fantastic both on my physical recovery, professional results, monetary growth and productivity on multiple new areas as well as improving old ones.

So hereby I declare 552 to soon be ended, long live 553!

And of course I will fall into the trap of celebrating New Years Eve as well; don't break the circle ;-)

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