lördag, oktober 05, 2013

Being right and being sooo wrong

This is a story.
You know, a story about something that matters.

Then, Back in school I just loved maths. Maybe I was what we today call a geek, I don't know. I still was on the soccer team. A prospect for the A-team at the golf club. Played some tennis. Yeah. I was a dork. Not a geek.

Then, in 1980 they bought a couple of ABC80 computers to the school. Only the uncool kids were signed up for "science class". To my surprise I was picked for this "counteradventure".
Because I was good at math.

I still, +30 years later, can do some maths baby!
Like when I in -03 calculated in less than 60 seconds that my client was going bancrupt in 30 days. Like when I saw a devastating loss of 1.2 M$ for the working year in -06 at a client then reversing it to a small but positive profit in less than 6 months. Or when I actually figured out a way to reverse time in a time machine when I was 11.

I kid you. About the time machine. It didn't work.

Still  math is a killer.

 Then, +12 startups later, I feel that what we see in innovation is still within math. Now jump-

We have been working on the idea that we could interpret movement patterns into behavior into feelings. You know, feelings.

We succeeded. We got Ulocs Styles.
Then a special partner asked us, "if you know this, don't you know the position?"
We were confident, but not sure.

Then four months ago we went into the venture of understanding Individual Movement so we could translate it into Individual Positioning. Easy.


But a funny challenge,

And on we moved. Now we are here. We are here. WE ARE HERE! WE ARE  HERE!!! and we are goofs. weird. funny and strange.

But we did it. And we are proud. Still it is a silly plot print...

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