fredag, april 10, 2015

The issues involved with prototyping a wearable technologies Internet of Things dependable device that is actually useful. Part I

That was the longest headline in the history of my blogging blog blogger bliss.

What you see in the marketplace right now is the almost Shakespearean play of How to Fool the Fools.
The devices that are launched and available all have been deliberately designed to not fit all purposes because if they would the bottle neck would show, and if you look a bit closer is showing.


Per mAh.

So the core of the problem is the lack of available technology as the NEED of the USER is way way way above and beoynd the CAPACITY of the current components available.

The second largest problem is tha all, ALL, device producers and designers in the market is using 2nd or 3rd rated components so they can lower the cost of device BOM to stupidity, incl Apple as the worst, and deliver products that we really NEED but will not and can not get the sufficient service from.


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