söndag, augusti 07, 2011


It's very difficult to walk straight, to follow a line takes a lot of concentration. So it's not what you normally do, instead you walk in curves, sliding from right to left, left to right. Everything around us impacts the brain and the spine reacts and sends us here and there based on what Mr Brain just decided.
That's why it's so interesting to work with how people behave indoor, seeing their pattern of curves is like seeing skaters on ice making patterns with their sharp blades. These curving, wandering people, what's driving them? What's repelling them?

We have known for a long time that colors, lights, shadow, open/closed spaces all play an important role in guiding us. Add noise and sounds to that but today it's more about cutting us off instead of helping us, the background noise can be quite deafening. In a cluttered environment as a mall or a large retail store we tend to recognize the objects around us more than the actual guidance from signs, lines and color codes. We immediately combine our Jungean obsessions for objects into go or no go's.

To navigate the great indoors takes a lot of guts, taking into account the social game rules; what if I'm seen buying stuff here? Is this place "me"? Are these people around me my crowd?

That increases the amount of curves even more.

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