fredag, januari 27, 2012

It was a while since the last blog post. Yes.
I've spent way too much time working, I said some years back that I was aiming at working 25% of a normal work week and if I couldn't do that I failed. Whooops.
But so that you know I kind of exited from the startup that I initiated in November 2009, Qubulus, by signing over my shares to the investors in December 2011. Didn't really feel good about it, leaving what was started as a whim and not nearly finalized. Whatever can be called finalized these days. But it did give me a break and a vacation from duties that now feels really great.
Some of you know my way of living I just felt it was time to start something new. (For the X time...) And I did, I call it Service Individuals and it's about bringing services to Individuals. Dooh. But it's not that simple, because what do we want as individuals? Very different things. Can one build a platform for that? Maybe. Most likely.
Since this week I can be found at Minc in Malmö, it's the fourth shape I'm taking at that place; probably a very difficult person for these kind people running this place. I can hear them whispering -"what is he up to now? Is he going to make trouble? Gosh."

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