fredag, augusti 02, 2013

Why it makes sense for Sony to buy HTC

Today the earnings from Sony was published and they are good. Even very good. Not compared to old days but for a struggling hardware company these days... good.
HTC. Not good. Not at all.

Sony can obviously sell. But their phones sucks. Even if ordinary people don't see the difference they get used to dirt by buying Sony (Ericsson) Smartphones. But it brings in gold to Sony now.
Great sales. And marketing. I love the marketing. No irony, it's great.

HTC. Used to to some good sales. Must have lost the touch, the feeling, the love. But they still build the best Smartphones in the market. They are great. Really great. If people actually paid attention to details they wouldn't look at iPhones (where did Apple get lost...) and if they would compare a Sony to a HTC they would laugh.

So the timing has come for SOny to buy HTC, let them run the Smarthone design and please boost the production process so we see at least 5 new ones per quarter. Then give Samsung a fight. Which will be epic :-)

I love epic!

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