lördag, november 09, 2013

Something is happeningI

Signs in the sky. A lark sings.
Suddenly your eye catches a glimpse of a 100 dollar bill (or in my case it would be a 500 kronor bill) and you turn and pick it up.
Something is happening.

I love it.
It's happening right now. It's super high tech, best in the world,+6 years ahead of anyone. Again.
It's not the first time. Probably not the last. I can, maybe, count the times it happened. Last time I said it was the last. I didn't muster to go into the mood again.
But it's not the number. It's the feeling. The mood you get into. Creation.
You created this. It. A thought you once got was turned into action and created something new.

I love it.

Let's look back a bit. Between age of 12 and 27 I played a lot of sports. Of course I played before, and after, but those years are the most vivid and important ones. Because it was for the love of the moment. The moment when things fell into place and got unique.

I longed for those moments and I did as much as I could to get more of them.
After I stopped playing on a high level I got involved in high-tech startups. Between the games I acquired a few skills in programming, design and math. Pretty useful skills.
But my dad told me to get a good education and a job. Programming was for flunks and dropouts.
So I did. While I played.

I played football (soccer). Tennis. Golf. Table tennis. I skied, down-hill, cross-country. I played chess. Bridge. Well I was good at math, that's my excuse. I practiced shooting. I was a master of rifle at the age of 14. Got the King silver medal in the army.
All the nerdy games.
I played indoor floorball. Tried out for almost any other sport except badminton. Always disliked it. Squash. Mountain climbing. Biking. Riding. Swimming. Boule. Bowling. Darts.
That was not interesting.

I'm still a sports nerd.
But the kicks come from being good at something else than sports. It's about creativity.
Being good and creative.

That is also why I dislike non-creative stuff and lack of innovation.

Here is a list of the lost.
Things that isn't creative.

1. Building a house that looks like the next. Or the 'nother.
2. Wearing clothes from a fashion brand. Or H&M. Or their evil partners in crime.
3. Saying things like "I think..." "The government..." "Aren't just people...."
4. Starting a riot based on no 1.2.3. and maybe 5.
5. Thinking it's always someone elses fault.
6. Setting up a new company based on your idea of getting rich. Or no 5.
7. Joining any company based on the idea of getting rich. Or bore people.
8. Starting your swing with a twitch in your left arm. In any sport.
9. Looking at the world and saying "this is perfect!" Or say "hey, didn't you kill my brother?"
10. Reading too much.

BTW. Don't listen to me.

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