måndag, mars 10, 2014

We have what you call a good Run

Getting from the stealth to go public is a critical stae of a startup. Somewhere we go from a unit of untold rules and common interests to a public "team" that is supposed to dazzle the world.

I came up with the name Ulocs about a year ago after 12 months of research in the area of which we kind of now rule. Feels good to rule. Again. I've been known to rule certain areas of expertise and now owning the space of Wearable Technologies is kind of, well, not surprising.
Ulocs is now bigger than Qubulus ever was (could tell you a couple of insiders on that=) somewhat less in performance of Emappz, way better than Goodway, Indirgo, Brimstone, and others. But in an essence, we are about to kill a dead beast, the so called Smartphone.

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