torsdag, juni 19, 2014

Penny Dreadful and Me

I have to confess. There have been very little change in my daily routines since the autumn of last year. We, me and the team/s, are occupied with various projects and I have a new hobby watching Penny Dreadful.
I know it isn't much. Working and watching TV. You probably know the drill.

Anyway. This particular TV-series is a misch-masch (thanks Stefan for the real meaning of this...) of all pop-cult either taking place in the last decade of the 19th century or actually written back then. With some exceptions of course.

But this is a great opportunity to explore the origin of exploration.
The six episodes of Penny Dreadful that is out are exceptional. And they talk psychiatric treatment, as it was back in the days.
Which is interesting as I have +25 years of experience from so-called modern psychiatric treatment, both from public and private practice.

Now you wonder. Did he experience that as a patient or..?

Well I will enlighten you all. In the next entry. I'd ask you to see Penny Dreadful episode 1-6 and then ponder where you see me in this.


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