fredag, januari 27, 2012

Radio and waves

've spent the last years discovering radio.
Not the FM shit, the real deal. The waves of radio. Radiating stuff.
It started with the problems with so-called 3G, why is the 3G data not working as good as 2G, GPRS data traffic for mobile devices and therefore not used as the primary way of transporting data for applications and services? Boy. Not simple to understand.
Then I met with many people working with the roll-out of 3G and got to understand the practical implications of working with 3G after the 2G revolution. What looked like a planned attack on the lack of capacity was nothing like it, it was purely the need to sell something new that drove the launch of WCDMA/UMTS and in the first years it was pure crap. Glitch was just the standard.
It got better. But the standard was implemented by monkeys and the services from the operators couldn't meet the consumer needs, lot's of bullshit startups that got bullshit VC money and amazing exits. Woops. Ok, let's not get too exited...
Looking back at the amount of shit that's been bought just to be safe of not missing out on the new stuff gives me yet proof of the status of human intelligence. It's lower than low and low is not even close to crap. Who came up with the idea to think that Loopt was a good idea? Why pay billions for navigation software companies? Gosh.

Everything was going mobile and mobile was going constantly online and there we are today. But all the moneeeey wasted on services that no-one is using today is stupid. Get real. It's the real world that still holds the secrets to success.

What about the real world? You know, where people actually reacts to impressions in stead of advertisement, likes to walk together with strangers and interacts with social ambitions. The mobile device, best case the smartphone, is their best friend if there is no alternative but no-one gives away their inner secrets to a device; they use it to put a layer of disguise on. Nothing else.

So I came to think about radio waves from people. Is it possible to detect their inner decisions just by observing them, like an invisible ghost following the steps of a human?
I'm still not completely convinced but I think I'm close. It should be possible if I just can combine the right radio waves with the right technical solution. And it will be powerful. Reaally powerful.
If it will work.

Follow up next month.

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