onsdag, februari 29, 2012


I have seen some smart research and startups using Microsoft Kinect devices to build new innovative services based on that device. What jumps to mind is that they seem to forget a couple of things. First; what are the limitations of the device and what it can do? Second is what if you build something that smart that anyone wants to do the same, how do you protect yourself from competition?

The answers are not so simple.

Device? Sure it's built to serve a gaming platform so it's fast, short range and not possible to collect individual data. That's up to the game to build. And Microsoft to support, if they want. But their track record is devastating on that point, they might change even if I doubt it, and you might be able to continue to trust them handling your needs.

The second part about protecting your IP, forget it. Forget it.

Build your own device, go to market with a unique offer and be good at what you do; and remember that all of these three are not something that Microsoft is good at so you could be looking at an exit.

Yes. The MSFT exit.

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