fredag, april 20, 2012

Startups, Speed and Sustainability

Those who know me would say I'm a focused idiot. Probably right. When I get a focus I keep going at it like a Japanese warlord from the 17th century and my new battleground is Startup Speed and Sustainability.

This SSS is built on the belief that incubators are missing either one of these two big ones. The European ones mostly miss the Speed thing and the US ones can't grasp Sustainability. Btw few people do grasp sustainability as it's pretty tough to be consistent and follow up so you see if you are sustainable or not. Often it's not even cool to know that you missed the target with 5000 miles. I see that.

Most of you think this is about Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc but every day there are thousands of startups that actually is started and creates the jobs which is the foundation of the economy. Jobs. Not Steve. The real Jobs. Comes from startups but from startups in "normal" industries (I carry the belief that Internet and mobility startups are not normal, ask me about why) Normal industries keep their focus on the basic needs, this is all about Maslow.
A real startup is growing in a pale white space someone left open in a market where the business is already ongoing but they use the wrong methods, tools (IT or not), people or vision. The REAL startup actually has customers. PAYING customers. Duh.

Most of you thing Instagram speed is ridiculous but I believe it was unnecessary, slow and stupid. Unnecessary because if the idiots at Facebook or similar would be thinking about their thing (sitting on gazillions of photos and such) instead of wanking of to Forbes articles they would have adopted their own mobile apps fast and accurate so actually the price tag on Instagram is a tag on how bad the employees are at Facebook doing what they were supposed to be doing.
The stupid thing is that this behavior is opening up massive new areas where these idiots can't do their job (LBS, positioning tech, UI/UX, testing, real interactive services etc) and it means that the flanks are open, if Napoleon was alive he would have a field day with the troglodytes at Facebook. Mark please clean out the garbage.

I could go on for ages about this area of knowledge. Look at it, look at what is cooking in your home town. Do you see that there are less than 1% that is going to sustain change and 99% will die over the next 25 years due to either self strangulation, M&A, change of times, weather or stupidity? See it now.
It's a tough one to build for sustainability but if you look at it from an agnostic perspective (no Believers thank You), spread the risks on to many legs and keep an eye out for talent to hire then you are off to a good start. Wait. What's that to do with Sustainable??
Well the only sustainable I've seen is the one that you can hand over to your children. With good confidence and a clean mind. Agree?

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