lördag, november 22, 2014

Blowing up Aereo

Hot balloons, Aereo filed for bancruptcy.

Qoute from the article "Aereo had raised a total of $97 million, from investors that included IAC, Highland Capital Partners, FirstMark Capital, First Round Capital and High Line Venture Partners. Once again, it proves that raising a lot of money does not guarantee any kind of success." and no it doesn't but even more so; flagrantly breaking the law is even more damaging.

Why they thought it was possible to pick up licensed material over air and resend it without breaking the law, I don't understand. Even more when looking at the injustice of Pirate Bay founders in the most criminal of courts ever performed over copyright law.

So what Uber is now caught doing with privacy by using user data for their own purpose is like a fart compared to the tornado of Aereo. But I think Uber is going to be punished for their behavior, maybe not from a court of justice but from the people that will stop using Uber, or never will start.

Maybe I'm wrong but I believe privacy is more important to protect than copyright. Even if the legal system doesn't.

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