onsdag, november 19, 2014

oh Yay, oh yay, see the fully integrated sensoric OS is coming


Our existing OS's isn't good enough? What are you sayin'''`?

We are in a socalled Turning Point. Or I'd say a Turing Point. Just because the blockbuster Imitation Game with the illusive Cumberbatch is soon to enter the screens. Or not.

It's both turning and Turing.

 After a couple of years, or maybe more than 28, working with sensor based input systems to improve quality of Processes, I'd say it's both a turning point as we are entering the IoTT, Internet of Things Time. And it is also about Turing. He, the One big code cracker genius. He the thinker. The cracker. We as he needs to crack the code to what it means to get data out of a confusing, mostly encrypted, world of data.

So I launch the stupid idea of a new need. We need a new OS focused on sensoric networks and less on screens, battery and lousy haptic response to user needs. So let us all drop the OS's of the 90's we still live with (yes we do, research the subject of the origin of Android, Java and all the stupidity versions from Apple) and let us rejoice and chant for a new intelligent OS that can embrace human interaction. For real and not as an add-on. Now.


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