torsdag, januari 03, 2008

Mobile Desktop Social Network Control and Messaging Center

As some deeply involved people pointed out the last month, Online social network services are going to evolve into something new this year (some say die but I can't really agree with that).

It's obvious that the updating process takes too much time from work but at the same time the positive effect of using SNS within organisations is recognized as significant. So instead of spending time on rather useless GUI as on FB, LI etc the desktop software/s are a natural way to extend and hook up to multiple networks, plenty of players are currently working on that but here the question of spread is of essence.

And, we know that the mobile is the most exiting entertainment device now, except it's not fully developed to enhance that area, so we tend to use lower level of devices to connect to higher level of services without the benefit of portability of information between platforms, devices, PIMs, IMs, and SNS's...

Someone needs to come up with a full blown Mobile Desktop Social Network Control and Messaging Center...

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